Hasan Noticed Ludwig Was Cropping Him Out of His YouTube Videos

TwitchBeat - August 17, 2021
Hasan Noticed Ludwig Was Cropping Him Out of His YouTube Videos

Popular twitch streamer and left-wing political commentator Hasan Piker also known as HasanAbi has caught his friend and fellow streamer Ludwig Ahgren of cropping him out of his Youtube videos and now, Ludwig has given Hasan an explanation about this.

During Hasan’s August 16th live broadcast while talking to his viewers, he decided to check out some clips on Reddit page. He then came across a link that goes with the caption “Mogul Moves,” referencing fellow streamer and friend Ludwig Ahgren.

Hasan went on to open the link and he immediately realizes that he has been cropped out of the picture that was used for the thumbnail of the video titled; Why I love hanging out with OfflineTV”. Hasan explained to his viewers that he was in the far left side of the image and went on to mention a few more details about it.

He says that Ludwig was wearing his hat referencing a past video from Ludwig that included Hasan and Pokimane picking clothes out for the creator. Then, Hasan caught a comment in his chat saying that Hasan’s name was also not in the title of the latest episode of “Mogul Money”. He read the title of the video and quickly noticed that despite being in the video, Ludwig did not include HasanAbi’s name anywhere in the description or title.

Hasan then moved into another Ludwig’s video titled: “Pokimane takes me shopping.” and it turns out that was the third example of Ludwig leaving Hasan out. Because of this, some of Hasan’s viewers went over Ludwig’s stream. In response to this, Ludwig explained himself as to why he did it.

Ludwig stated; “Okay, Alright. You want to know the F***ing reason it was called Pokimane takes me shopping?!” He then changed the screen into his YouTube analytics screen which shows that one of the videos in question was getting 48% better views than videos normally do. It seems like he purposely put emphasis on Pokimane, hoping to get more views.

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