TwitchCon Raises Health Concerns

Amiel Rose Andres - August 2, 2022
TwitchCon Raises Health Concerns

Recent updates to TwitchCon’s policies on vaccinations, testing, and even masks have raised a number of health and safety concerns. The current timetable calls for the event to occur in San Diego from October 7th to October 9th, 2022.

Twitch stated that it regularly reviews its health and safety policies with the help of local authorities. There will be no COVID-19 vaccine or testing requirements during TwitchCon, per current local regulations.

Although masks are recommended, they are not currently necessary to attend TwitchCon, the streaming service added. Before buying a ticket to TwitchCon, please make sure you are happy with our existing health and safety procedures.

Zach Bussey, a market observer, was the first to catch wind of the policy change. Bussey said, “That’s really fascinating considering despite literally taking place in the same location, San Diego, Comic-Con required both masks and proof of vaccination or proof of negative COVID-19 test,”

Everyone attending Comic-Con will be expected to wear an approved facial covering regardless of vaccination status in order to establish a gathering that fits our stakeholders safely and in accordance with current healthcare and legislative norms.  

The policy added that “in addition to wearing an approved face covering, you will be required to provide verification of full COVID-19 vaccination status or proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours.” 

The stance expressed by Comic-Con contrasts sharply with the stance taken by TwitchCon. Over 50,000 new cases of COVID-19 are currently being reported daily in the state of California. Critics of both events taking place in person have noted that many participants, including panelist George R.R. Martin, walked away testing positive despite Comic-Con’s strict health and safety safeguards. Even though TwitchCon states that “health and safety measures for our event may change at any time as determined by federal or local government agencies,” this is clearly insufficient for many in the streaming community. Potential guests are feeling extremely uneasy about the situation.

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