Twitch Offers $10,000 To Its Users For New Features And Content Ideas

TwitchBeat - August 18, 2021
Twitch Offers $10,000 To Its Users For New Features And Content Ideas

Streaming platform Twitch recently announced that they are offering their community members a great opportunity to develop initiatives for new content ideas and features with $10K grants as they search for new and fresh ideas for the platform.

Twitch is now the leading streaming platform with many prominent and biggest names but they are not willing to stop there and decided to do more and reach to their community to make each and everyone from the platform’s experience even better.

They are offering $10,000 grants to its user as a reward to who will give the best idea and the said grants are being offered as part of Twitch-Past Forward and also a celebration of the platform to its community with big streams throughout the year of 2021.

With Twitch’s aim to help its streamers to bring their product and contents to life, they will offer $10,000 to the best and winning idea in each of the following categories and you can see here the following rules:

This is now the perfect time for the users of the platform to show their most creative content and also this will be the perfect way to help the platform to become even better.