Twitch Chat Ends Up Winning The Smash Ultimate

Amiel Rose Andres - February 4, 2022
Twitch Chat Ends Up Winning The Smash Ultimate

Users on the streaming platform have developed ways to have their chats control games through inputs since the days of Twitch Plays Pokemon. Now, chatters have actually won Smash Ultimate games against real opponents.

Allowing Twitch chat to manage games through typing inputs isn’t new, but it’s always entertaining to observe when chatters can finish games. Because of the design of the game type, turn-based RPGs are usually the easiest to beat, but that hasn’t prevented Twitch from taking on some more difficult titles like Dark Souls. Amazingly, the phenomenon has already moved to Smash Ultimate, where pro player Fatality allowed his chat take charge of the game, and they even managed to defeat an online rival. 

One of the most serious concerns with Smash online is the lag. Fans and even other game designers, such as the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl creators, have criticized this. Fatality took advantage of this by implementing a lag button command that causes the game to lag both online and offline.

Before demonstrating it in action, he stated, “If you type lag, it literally causes lag.”

Fatality’s chat grabbed the stock lead during an online match versus a Toon Link player, and with their opponent already at a high percent, the lag came in, making the game practically unplayable. With the game lagging beyond belief, the Toon Link player simply jumped off the stage, handing the victory to Twitch chat. FURIA, Fatality’s non-profit, tweeted about it.

Losing to Twitch in Smash may have been one of the most humiliating losses of that player’s life, but it was at least lag-related. Still, a win is a win, and Twitch chat can add another W to their tally. For a streaming hivemind, it’s not awful.

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