Twitch Begins The New Ad-Free Channel Switcher

Amiel Rose Andres - May 23, 2023
Twitch Begins The New Ad-Free Channel Switcher

Twitch has finally started expanding the availability of its new ad-free browsing interface to more users, enabling them to choose a stream without having to watch advertising on every channel.

Twitch started implementing a new design for their ‘browse’ area of the well-known site back in June 2022. It was controversial since many people expressed their dislike for the design while allowing viewers to change channels without being interrupted by ads. After nearly a year, the purple app has made a number of upgrades and has started rolling out the Channel Switcher to additional users. 

On May 22, Twitch tweeted the information along with a video showcasing the new features. They explained, “Last year, we experimented with a Channel Switcher to provide a convenient and ad-free way to browse and discover new streams. We’ve worked on several community-suggested improvements and are rolling it out to a percentage of users.”

They cited a couple of the new enhancements and functionalities for the Channel Switchers in the replies. Two new layouts, the option to turn off video preview, and the ability to browse and preview clips inside the category you’re viewing are all part of the new features. 

If a creator is live, users can even instantly join streams from clip previews. Twitch left it unclear as to how many creators will get the new functionality in the coming days, presumably to allow for further feedback. The new function was rapidly met with positive feedback from platform users, many of whom expressed excitement for the Channel Switcher’s expansion over the entire website.

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