Trick2g Raising Funds For Charity

TwitchBeat - December 13, 2019
Trick2g Raising Funds For Charity

Timothy Foley aka Trick2g is a Twitch streamer and also a Youtuber who is well known for his unique League of Legends play style and memes surrounding his receding hairline. He has raised money for charity streams to help the Richmond SPCA. Trick2g is from Richmond, Virgina. He raised over $16,000 to help the Richmond SPCA.

The Richmond SPCA, founded in 1891 is a non-profit, no-kill humane organization dedicated to the principle that every life is precious. The money he raised for Richmond SPCA goes toward pet adoptions, rehabilitation, and low-cost veterinary care, helping create a compassionate community for animals in need.

During his five years in streaming Trick2g has raised over $208,000 for different charities and organizations. He has a heart to devote his time and energy to helping those in need, just like the said organization.

“We’re so grateful to @Trick2g and all his followers for their support on their annual charity stream to help the homeless pets in our care.”, Richmond SPCA tweeted, thanking Timothy Foley for helping them.

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