Trainwrecks Calls Out Twitch Streamers

Amiel Rose Andres - May 30, 2023
Trainwrecks Calls Out Twitch Streamers

Streamers from the Poggers community have come under fire from Twitch and Kick star Tyler “Trainwreckstv,” who claims they are opposed to gambling on the purple platform.

For comparison, notable figures like Matthew “Mizkif” and Imane “Pokimane” successfully lobbied Twitch to remove the gambling category in September 2022. The streamers’ purported concern, according to Trainwreckstv, was only a front for their quest for publicity and financial benefit. He harshly criticized: “Miz, Hasan, Ludwig, Poki – all hypocrites”

Given his reputation as one of the best gambling streams, it is not unexpected that Trainwreckstv voiced his displeasure when the Poggers community opposed gambling on Twitch. Since then, the 32-year-old has made a significant advancement by joining Kick, an up-and-coming streaming network that, appropriately, allows streaming of slots and roulette games. On May 29, Trainwreckstv made some disparaging comments about some of the streamers who had opposed gambling during an audio conversation on Pokelawls’ Twitch stream. 

He responded when asked if he could still talk about gambling on Twitch: “Yeah, we can talk about it. We can do whatever we want. Realistically, all the bullsh*t still going on Twitch. I’m telling you, bro, all those streamers, all of them, whether it’s Miz, Hasan, Ludwig, Poki – all hypocrites. All of them. Like, that was never about anything. It was petty bullsh*t over view count and money.”

It’s important to note that gambling is still present on Twitch. The elimination of websites like, which was frequently used by many streamers for slots broadcasting, is one example of how the attention has mostly been on unlicensed gambling services.

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