Fortnite: Tfue And Faze Clan Settle Their Dispute, Part Ways

TwitchBeat - August 29, 2020
Fortnite: Tfue And Faze Clan Settle Their Dispute, Part Ways

Lawyers issued a joint statement for their clients FaZe Clan and Turner Tenney; “FaZe Clan and Turner Tenney are pleased to announce that they have resolved all their disputes and have settled their litigations. The parties wished one another the best of luck in future endeavors”.

It’s finally over! Turner Tenny aka Tfue and FaZe have settled their disputes.

In 2019, Tfue wanted to end his contract with FaZe and filed a lawsuit against him. Tfue stated that FaZe’s contract was grossly oppressive, onerous, and one-sided. Some thought that FaZe was taking too much money from Tfue while others thought that FaZe was responsible for making Tfue famous.

When Tfue refused to back down, FaZe filed a countersuit stating that Tfue was earning more than 20 million dollars without sharing any of his earnings. They also accused Tfue of planning to leave their organization in order to build a rival organization to compete against them.

They have now announced that they have settled their dispute and have said goodbye to each other. This fight between FaZe and Tfue is now over. Tfue is now freed from his contract obligation and can build up his own brand.