Sykkuno Twitch Final Stream

Amiel Rose Andres - May 15, 2022
Sykkuno Twitch Final Stream

Near the end of his final Twitch show, popular streamer and content creator Sykkuno reflected on his final stream as a Twitch broadcaster, defending his emotional state.

Few expected Sykkuno’s May 1st Twitch stream to be his final, but it was clear when the streamer became upset shortly before the broadcast ended. Sykkuno’s last song on Twitch was followed by news of his transition to YouTube, leaving him teary-eyed and appreciative for his supporters and friends. While the streamer’s heartfelt farewell was greeted with applause from fans and streamer friends alike, some believed that his emotional parting was overblown for the camera. Sykkuno, on the other hand, responded to Reddit discussions and viewers who believed this in his debut YouTube stream.

Sykkuno stated; “A lot of people said I was too sad for leaving Twitch, which I think was strange because I am all my friends on Twitch, I have a lot of good memories there, so of course, I’m going to be sad when I go. I think what it really means is the people who don’t understand that feeling just haven’t found something that means to them as much as streaming meant to me.”

Sykkuno’s decision to go to YouTube has piqued the interest of many streamers and analysts, as he is the latest former Twitch content creator to do so. Sykkuno has found a new home on YouTube, despite the fact that his days on Twitch are numbered.

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