Sykkuno Leaves Twitch

Amiel Rose Andres - May 15, 2022
Sykkuno Leaves Twitch

Sykkuno has left Twitch in favor of YouTube Gaming to start over. What’s the main reason? 

Twitch’s initial offer was “garbage,” but they finally changed their minds and matched YouTube. However, a naming error put an end to the discussion.

After leaving his home on Twitch, where he had four million followers, to stream entirely on their competition, Sykkuno  joined the YouTube Gaming family in May 2022. Some were surprised by the move, as YouTube continues to make significant streaming acquisitions. It was simple for Sykkuno because Twitch’s initial offer “was just bad” in comparison to what was on the table. 

While the streaming behemoth made a “very, very good offer,” a typo in an email with the star’s name was the final nail in the coffin. 

Twitch’s new offer almost kept Sykkuno onboard, he informed viewers. It came as a surprise to the streamer, who had previously been tarnished by Twitch’s lowballing of other streamers. He said; “I was shocked. Everyone thinks that they have this reputation for giving a garbage offer. And they did give me one, until they upgraded it to a much better one.”

Ludwig’s major leaving, as well as other big name exits like TimTheTatman, according to the streamer, had something to do with Twitch’s insistence on keeping him on. He further continued; “I was almost ready to go ‘they cared,’ I think it’s because maybe Ludwig had left already and, you know, they were kind of afraid.”

However, it was a lack of professionalism that ended Sykkuno’s partnership with Twitch. He presented an email from Twitch in which the star’s name was misspelled as Sukkuno, which he mistook for a scam. “This was an official email I got from Twitch, and when I got it I had to email so many people asking if this was a phishing scam.” 

The streamer concluded off his reason for his resignation from Twitch by expressing evident disgust with the platform’s management, venting his concerns. 

“I’m supposed to be the 28th highest earning creator on the platform, the 45th most followed of all time on the platform, and they called me Sukkuno. On an official email. I mean maybe I have too big an ego or something, but I was shocked. I legit thought I was getting scammed. I was afraid to click this email. I don’t know if I’m taking it too much, but they couldn’t even spell my name right.”

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