Summit1g Talks About NICKMERCS Biceps

Amiel Rose Andres - March 8, 2022
Summit1g Talks About NICKMERCS Biceps

Summit1g was caught in the act boasting about Nickmercs’ biceps during a Twitch stream by popular Twitch streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff, and his response was hilarious. 

NICKMERCS is one of the most popular Twitch streamers when the issue of strength comes up in conversation. He is widely recognized for his body-building stature and being active in the gym. Summit1g made a joke about Nick’s biceps during his Twitch stream, stating that they would prohibit him from throwing a punch properly. 

During his broadcast, NICKMERCS stumbled across the clip and responded amusingly that summit would have to sign a release before an altercation could take place. The Twitch star discovered the clip and decided to stream it live. He said: “I feel like if NICKMERCS would try to throw a right hook, his bicep would run into his pec and he wouldn’t be able to extend his arm.”

Nick was quick to praise summit as soon as he started giggling. He said: “Don’t ever judge a book by its cover. Who knows? Don’t underestimate anybody — ever. You see him punch that monitor?” NICKMERCS is referencing an incident in 2018 where summit1g rage quit a game of H1Z1, punching his screen in the process.

Kolcheff quickly turned the subject to whether or not he could ‘knock out’ the leader of the 1G Squad. He said: “Nah, Nah. I’m cleaning his s**t. As a matter of fact, for him to be in any physical altercation with me, my lawyers would make him sign a waiver in case anything happened.”

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