Streamlabs Partners Together With Twitch

Amiel Rose Andres - November 16, 2021
Streamlabs Partners Together With Twitch

Streamlabs, a leading streaming software provider, is expanding its options to content creators once again, this time by working directly with Twitch to build a new web-based broadcasting “studio” aimed at console broadcasters. 

Streamlab Studio is a new tool that seeks to eliminate the necessity for every producer to use a capture card, PC, or third-party software in order to create high-quality broadcasts on a console. 

Streamlab Studio, which debuted today, allows console streamers to design overlays for their games, set up bespoke live alerts, and more. This will be available only to users who broadcast to Twitch from their Xbox consoles, in honor of Xbox’s 20th anniversary and Microsoft’s recent improvements to console streaming on the platform. The new service will be available as a premium streaming option on console, with monthly subscriptions starting at $4.99 and annual subscriptions starting at $49.99.

Xbox users will be able to access Streamlabs Studio through the Twitch app and log in to modify their stream live on the device. Any preset or custom layouts, alerts, or other content created using Streamlab Studio will be broadcast to the user’s Twitch channel. 

Streamlabs head of product Ashray Urs said; “Live streaming gives viewers unprecedented access to their favorite creators. Real-time viewer engagement via chat and alerts create incredible shared experiences. In the past, creating professional broadcasts and engaging viewers from a console has been challenging. With Streamlabs Studio, you can transform console gameplay into a high-quality live stream production with viewer engagement tools to interact with your community.”

Streamlabs Studio’s cloud capture eliminates the need for any form of capture equipment or external output, as well as direct webcam compatibility, various interaction capabilities, and the flexibility to tailor streams from mobile. 

Streamlabs Studio can utilise audio from headphones and other audio devices, linking them directly into the stream. Compatible mobile devices and tablets can also be used as webcams. On the official Streamlabs website, you can learn more about Streamlabs Studio, or on the Twitch assistance boards, you can look up frequently asked streaming topics.

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