Streamers Earnings

TwitchBeat - October 6, 2021
Streamers Earnings

Valorant is one of the most popular games in the world right now. The game’s popularity influenced the streamers’ live streams as well. Many content creators have included the game in their live streams, resulting in increased viewership for their channels. When it comes to connecting with their viewers, the majority of these content creators prefer Twitch to other streaming platforms.

Streamers can make a lot of money from this. The earnings of Twitch streamers were leaked online in a recent tweet from Sinoc. The salaries of all streamers of various games such as CS:GO, Minecraft, DOTA, and others have been revealed thanks to the leaked data.

Valorant has a fairly large fan base around the globe. On their live streams, fans love to watch their favorite content creators play the game. The amount of love you have for Valorant has an impact on you.

The majority of these content creators prefer Twitch over other streaming platforms. However, Twitch’s entire website has recently been leaked online, as well as the earnings of all of the streamers.

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