Streamer xQc Exposes Viewer

Amiel Rose Andres - November 26, 2022
Streamer xQc Exposes Viewer

Felix “xQx” Lengyel, a well-known Twitch streamer, exposed a viewer who gave over $800 to send the content creator abusive chat messages.

Successful Twitch streamers frequently can’t respond to regular chat as it passes by, so some viewers pay to send abusive messages through the system while others abuse it.

A viewer named Ctvvv’s chat history was examined by xQc during a Twitch live on November 25th. This investigation turned up a number of disparaging discussions as well as enough PayPal donations to equal $850. Popular livestreamers are known to receive a share of their income from subscribers and donations as views rise; given his frequent position at the top of Twitch, xQc generates remarkable earnings. Due to how frequently he broadcasts on Twitch, xQc receives both positive and critical messages from his audience, and this donor spent a lot of time and effort sending him the latter. Twitch’s xQc was astounded by the astounding 170 times the user contributed money to degrade the former Overwatch League star while scrolling through the numerous hate donations from Ctvvv.

The $5 donations included regular digs at xQc’s aim in first-person shooter games, his lack of rhythm, chat communication strategies, and even the kinds of stuff that live viewers have access to because they watch the Twitch broadcaster. Ctvvv claims that by viewing his Twitch video, xQc viewers are also putting their own safety at risk. Additionally, the popular creator has recently started acting strangely, which the donor advises him to “stop pretending” about in order to fix. 

Ctvvv may not have genuinely validated the $850 solely to trash speak given that many Twitch fans often donate to a well-liked streamer before reversing the charge to ensure their words get through the chat without penalties. After reviewing the abusive messages and being completely astounded by the amount of donations from Ctvvv, xQc asked the viewer, “What is wrong with you?”

The multiple messages sent by Ctvvv not only reached xQc but were also posted in chat as an example of an insane fan, despite the fact that many Twitch donations submitted by viewers are still rejected by the content creators if they are deemed to be out of line. 

Many Twitch viewers have voiced their own surprise at the xQc community member’s commitment to harassing the well-known livestreamer, while others have praised their ability to spend money so conveniently.

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