Streamer Sodapoppin Acting Skills

Amiel Rose Andres - December 2, 2021
Streamer Sodapoppin Acting Skills

Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris demonstrated his acting abilities during a fake Netflix program audition during a recent livestream.

Sodapoppin is without a doubt one of Twitch’s funniest content creators. The streamer rose to prominence thanks to his World of Warcraft talents, and he also spent time streaming on several gambling sites. 

As part of a spoof Netflix audition, Sodapoppin presented what can only be characterized as an acting masterclass during a recent livestream. As Jesus “Cyr” Cortez subsequently joined him, the streamer played the part of an estranged lover. 

Rob “Roflgator” Malecki, Jellypeanut, Russell, and Burnenator are among the recent collaborators for the two content creators. Russell could be seen pretending to be on the phone in the background. Sodapoppin went on to say something heartbreaking: “She was the love of my life, and she is gone. The way she looked, she was so, she was so beautiful. Like my car, the way she was, she was blue, after I hit her. What am I gonna do? I have no one left to hit, until I find that man.”

The streamer made a funny comparison between his dead girlfriend and his blue car, claiming that he was on the hunt for the perpetrator. Cyr entered the room at that point. He claimed to be a ticket collector and inquired about Sodapoppin’s melancholy expression: “Ticket? Ticket? Where is your ticket? Alright, thank you. Just talk to God, kid. Why are you looking so sad?”

Sodapoppin said that his kindergarten girlfriend, whom he had known since kindergarten, had been killed. As it turned out, Cyr added a humorous twist by claiming responsibility for the murder of Sodapoppin’s girlfriend: “I understand. I killed her. But here is the thing. It ain’t no big thing.” 

Of course, the two streamers were only putting on a show and have no intention of auditioning for a Netflix show. They didn’t look to be the most talented actors, but they did a fantastic job in their spoof roles. Sodapoppin couldn’t hold back his laughter and came out laughing near the end.

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