Streamer LS Provides Update

Amiel Rose Andres - June 6, 2023
Streamer LS Provides Update

League of Legends analyst and Twitch streamer LS abruptly erased his Instagram and Twitter accounts. After posting a mysterious message on his Instagram story that alarmed fans, the streamer abruptly went offline.

One of the most well-known characters in League of Legends is Nick “LS” De Cesare. In the scene, his co-streams of professional play and analytical information have a significant impact, and he frequently draws thousands of viewers for anything he streams. Before returning to streaming full-time and signing with FlyQuest, he also briefly worked as a professional announcer on the English LCK broadcast and served as a coach for Cloud9’s LCS squad. As a person who has been actively involved in the LoL scene for many years, LS keeps himself occupied. He has, however, occasionally had to take time off for his mental health and has been candid in the past about his battles with depression. As a result of LS’s abrupt deactivation of his social media accounts, his fans are concerned about his health.

His admirers are concerned for his health after he posted a mysterious message on his Instagram story, and their concerns have only grown as a result of the following deletion of numerous of his social media accounts. LS’ Instagram story was a black screen with the audio, “I genuinely wish things could be different.” This left Twitter users in a frenzy to make sure the streamer is alright. 

Daniel “Quest” Kwon, LS’s manager, shared a statement on June 5 with an update on his condition. A combination of “family-related news happening so close together, some IRL curveballs, and trying to manage so many things to make sure these next few months for some bootcampers/streamers/content/etc. go well for so many people,” the streamer admitted, caused him to become overly stressed. 

He added; “I deactivated some accounts to reduce noise/stress for a bit while I work on some things. I hope to be able to talk about everything a bit more once it’s all water under the bridge. But for now, it’s most important I make sure everything is ready and smooth for summer and that all bootcampers arriving have everything they need.”

When consulting with Dr. K a few years ago, LS was especially frank about the pressures of his profession and the toll they were taking on his mental health.

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