Streamer H2P_Gucio Finally Beats Star Wars Jedi

Amiel Rose Andres - May 10, 2023
Streamer H2P_Gucio Finally Beats Star Wars Jedi

Following their harrowing encounter with one of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s most difficult bosses, a Polish Twitch streamer went viral.

The streamer finally defeated them after 29 hours and more than 1,200 tries, but the fight had upset many of the viewers. There are some incredibly challenging bosses in both Fallen Order and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Combat in the series has evolved into a pleasant, albeit teeth-gritting, challenge thanks to the incorporation of Souls-like aspects. Additionally, both games have put players through a number of challenging boss battles. The player will encounter numerous epic boss battles throughout Survivor. There is danger everywhere, whether it is in the fight with Rancor early on or with the monster at the end.

But on harder difficulty settings, one duel has gained particular notoriety. One Polish streamer had to fight against it for a total of 29 hours before they succeeded. Twitch streamer H2P_Gucio has amused viewers his Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gaming, and he has over 350K followers. But as their time with the title wore on, an odd story began to emerge. 

The Spawn of Oggdo boss will undoubtedly have confronted many gamers at some point. The confrontation, which serves as your final encounter before meeting the Poncho, is a wonderful nod to the first game. Later on, though, a 2-on-1 match between Oggdo Boggdo and Spawn of Oggdo awaits the contestants. H2P_Gucio eventually got to this fight, but he ended up replaying it a lot—1,206 times, to be exact. The streamer won in the end, capping this exercise in endurance, frustration, and eventual adoration. The final blow was delivered by Cal Kestis as the clock reached 29 hours, 9 minutes, and 26 seconds.

The victory was all that mattered, even though the streamer initially appeared to be more relieved than delighted. It’s thought that they were performing the battle on the hardest setting, which is why it probably took so long. Easter Eggs and other strange and beautiful details like this may be found throughout Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Players have been perplexed by a sneaky cheat that makes some gaming activities simpler and faster, after all.

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