Streamer Dylastein Stream Ends In Disaster

Amiel Rose Andres - April 11, 2023
Streamer Dylastein Stream Ends In Disaster

While watching a recent match, a CSGO player’s ceiling collapsed behind him, resulting in a disastrous Twitch stream.

There are so many streamers on Twitch thanks to its recent expansion that there is nearly always something fascinating going on in the community. But not everything that occurs during a creator’s stream is good, as Twitch streamer Dylastein recently discovered. Dylastein’s ceiling collapsed behind him during a broadcast on April 5, covering his bed and possessions in the process. 

On CSGO, you can hear the ceiling drywall fall as you watch a game’s conclusion. He said before a woman entered the room; “What the f*ck, my ceiling just caved in. The ceiling just f*ckin caved in, the actual ceiling just caved in.” 

The Twitch streamer made the decision to cease his broadcast not even two minutes later. On his Twitter page, Dylastein posted a video of it happening along with images of the damage. In a different tweet, he claimed to be sleeping in his bed, which was just beneath the damaged area, just before his stream. 

When questioned about what caused the collapse, the Twitch streamer explained that water damage to the drywall was caused by an AC leak in the home. He hasn’t broadcast live on his channel since the event, so it’s safe to assume that he’s been busy removing and fixing the damaged ceiling.

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