Stream Sniper Carries Pokimane Luggage in South Korea

Amiel Rose Andres - June 17, 2022
Stream Sniper Carries Pokimane Luggage in South Korea

Between June 8th and 13th, Imane “Pokimane” Anys streamed and vlogged her adventures in South Korea, topping the IRL charts in the process.

In that time, she’s had several intriguing encounters, including an embarrassing encounter with an elderly woman about an outfit the Moroccan-Canadian was wearing. That encounter, however, paled in comparison to the one she experienced with a stream sniper who tracked her down to carry her bags – a position he alleges she was hiring for.

Pokimane shrugged it off, stating she was going to get a suitcase so she could carry everything herself, but the Twitch super fan persisted. JakenBakeLIVE, who is traveling with Poki, stepped in to help. Jake said that having a car to transport them around was the first condition of the job, and he asked the fan if he had one, which he didn’t. The dejected fan dropped his head and turned his gaze to his phone.

He cheered up a little when Jake told him it was all in good fun. To lighten the mood even more, Pokimane stated she’d hire him in general if she lived in the area, and she offered to snap a photo, which he accepted. Pokimane has had run-ins with stream snipers in the past, and they’ve been scary most of the time. This time, though, some people think the interaction was positive, while others think it was strange. 

In any case, he didn’t seem to bother Pokimane or her friends. After huddling behind the camera for a group photo, the Twitch streamers said their goodbyes to the ecstatic Pokimane super fan and parted ways.

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