Soulja Boy Sees His Iconic Dance Move

Amiel Rose Andres - May 7, 2023
Soulja Boy Sees His Iconic Dance Move

Following a year-long suspension, rapper-turned-streamer Soulja Boy has officially been given permission to return to Twitch. The content creator reacted to seeing his now-famous dance motion in World of Warcraft.

Many people are familiar with Soulja Boy and his well-known song when it comes to social media celebrities.

He also happens to be a major gamer, as it turns out, and has streamed on Twitch for many years, but not always without controversy. On April 18, Soulja Boy responded to a Dexerto article regarding Kai Cenat’s suspension by saying that his own Twitch ban had been in place for more than a year. Soon after this incident, Dexerto announced that Soulja had been blocked from the platform for more than a year and has now been unblocked. On December 9, 2021, Soulja was first placed on suspension. He was promptly unbanned, and five minutes later, he was reinstated. 

Twitch’s actions initially led the rapper to want to take the case to court, however it’s still unclear why he was initially banned or why the decision was made so quickly. The former rapper-turned-streamer is back on Twitch right now, reacting to both brand-new games and specific moments from other well-liked ones. The streamer was ecstatic when he saw Soulja Boy’s now-iconic dancing motion in World of Warcraft during his most recent broadcast.

The song Crank That, for which the music video has now been viewed over 540 million times, contains the dance in issue. Since then, the dance has gone viral, with a large number of YouTube and social media users from the late 2000s being at least somewhat familiar with it. “Oh sh**, is that my dance? That’s my f***ing dance. Bro, they got my dance in this game bruh. What the f**k. Yo what the f**k. That is f***ing crazy.”

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