Sodapoppin’s Take On VTuber Tag Misuse

Amiel Rose Andres - April 22, 2022
Sodapoppin’s Take On VTuber Tag Misuse

Streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris has joined to the ruckus by mocking the Vtuber tag controversy that has gripped the streaming community. It comes after several content creators were criticized for using the Vtuber tag in their streams without permission.

Fans criticized some high-profile streamers, like Amouranth and xQc, for using the Vtuber tag on their streams while not being Vtubers, sparking an online debate. Although this may appear to be a relatively harmless approach for some broadcasters to increase their numbers, Vtubers have harshly condemned those who abuse the tag, claiming that it drags them farther down the ranks. As a result, genuine Vtubers may lose out on views and subscribers.

Now, Sodapoppin has chimed in with his thoughts on the matter in a tweet, and while it may appear that he is siding with Vtubers, some believe he was ridiculing the issue. As the argument over the tag continues to rage on social media, a number of streamers, some of whom have been accused of exploiting it, have weighed in on the issue. 

Sodapoppin stated in a tweet on April 19th; “Omg guys, don’t use the Vtuber tag under your channel if you’re not a Vtuber! Have some common sense for real guys! It’s hard enough to make it as a streamer without you guys holding all these talented Vtubers back!”

Despite the fact that it appeared that Soda was supporting Vtubers, several fans detected a hint of irony in the message and accused the streamer of mocking the matter. 

Although it’s unclear whether Soda’s tweet was sarcastic, it prompted a new debate on the matter in the comments, with followers on both sides of the debate giving their thoughts.

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