Sodapoppin Reacts To Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscars Slap

Amiel Rose Andres - March 30, 2022
Sodapoppin Reacts To Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscars Slap

Sodapoppin discussed a recent viral clip from the Oscars that has been called “The Slap” during his most recent stream. 

The moment in question was when the famous actor Will Smith walked on stage to slap another famous actor and comedian, Chris Rock, right in the face. This was in retribution for the latter’s joke on Smith’s wife. The actor yelled at the comedian after smacking him. The incident elicited a wide range of emotions, which were shared on social media, with some users creating memes as a result. Some streamers have even made light of the situation, and many more will undoubtedly do so as the week progresses. 

Instead of making light of the issue, Twitch streamer Chance “Sodapoppin” offered a candid assessment on the incident. He began chatting about the matter after noticing a comment in his conversation and reading it aloud before noting that he’d been in similar situations previously and was able to maintain his cool so as not to ruin the occasion for everyone else. 

He said; “”Gigachad Will?” No. I’ve obviously never been to something like the Oscars, but I have been in large group situations where I emotionally get really mad, or want to do something, but it ruins the vibe for everyone else, and that’s really selfish.”

Sodapoppin continued his statement by saying that sometimes one has to tough it out until they have a good opportunity to discuss the matter with the person who offended them. The streamer added that this moment was something he found distasteful.

Sodapoppin then returned to the original comment that triggered the debate, claiming that it was the polar opposite of what the user believed, describing the situation as juvenile and sad. He went on to say that, despite the possibility that the joke was a low blow, Will Smith should have kept his cool and waited until he could speak privately with Chris Rock about the situation.

He said; “No, not Gigachad, f*cking childish. F*cking pathetic, that was so annoying. Even though it was a low blow, talking about his wife, just laugh and maybe talk to him off camera.”

He went on to suggest that, while it was an immature act, some people would have been enraged if Smith hadn’t slapped Chris Rock on national television, claiming that this is one of the few instances in which every alternative would make people angry. “Honestly, I bet if he didn’t do anything, there would have been people like, “Bro, stand up for your wife, you f*cking coward!” You just can’t win, I guess.”

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