Sodapoppin Forgets His Own Age

Amiel Rose Andres - September 12, 2022
Sodapoppin Forgets His Own Age

Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris, a Twitch streamer, had his audience in fits of laughter when he actually forgot his age and had to look it up on Google while livestreaming.

Sodapoppin has been a familiar face on Twitch since 2011, when he was 18 years old, making him one of the platform’s longest-tenured content creators. Since then, he has had many Twitch bans, been nominated for the Legacy Award at the QTCinderella’s Streamer Awards, and joined the well-known streaming network OTK, to name just a few of his notable experiences. 

Soda hasn’t been keeping track of his birthdays, which is acceptable given his hectic lifestyle and numerous accomplishments over the years. On September 9, Soda made a special visit on his friend Nmplol’s livestream when the two were preparing food in his kitchen before they began discussing their ages. 

Soda realized he wasn’t sure how close he was to approaching 30 after Nmplol reminded out that he is not far from the major milestone. He asked his fans; “How old am I? Am I 27 or 28. I’m not even trying to be funny I actually don’t know.”

He then proceeded to head over to his phone to Google it. 

He said, after discovering that he is officially 28 according to Google; “Man, that was crazy. It could have told me 27 and I would have believed it. Then, I literally would have gained a year of my life.” 

He continued by saying that he doesn’t “care” about his birthdays and doesn’t really make a big deal out of them. He asserted that this might alter as he ages and that having children may cause him to shift and become more appreciative. For his impending 30th birthday, Soda kept his huge plans under wraps. He does have another two years to prepare for them, though.

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