Reliable Ad Revenue of Twitch

Amiel Rose Andres - February 23, 2022
Reliable Ad Revenue of Twitch

Twitch just unveiled its new Reliable Ad Revenue project, which aims to provide content creators with more consistent streaming revenue.

With the Ads Incentive Program, the streaming platform intends to expand on its Ads Manager. Streamers will be able to earn a predictable, flat amount after streaming for a predetermined number of hours while running Twitch advertising under this new arrangement.

Twitch’s detailed article on the new initiative explains how it will function and who will be asked to participate in the Ads Incentive Program. Select streamers will receive incentive offers from the platform. Only active Affiliate and Partnered streamers will be eligible for the Ads Incentive Program. The offers will appear in the Ads Manager dashboard for selected streamers. 

Streamers will be able to choose their preferred amount after receiving an offer. The streaming platform offers three distinct potential sums for different amounts of ad time, with the amounts varying by content creator. Streamers, for example, will be paid $100 if they broadcast two minutes of advertisements every hour for 40 hours. Twitch will track the progress of selected streamers as they broadcast the required number of hours for their offering. Content creators can collect their agreed-upon rewards in the ad dashboard once they have fulfilled the required amount of hours. 

Streamers will be able to receive their standard ad compensation outside of offer agreements, according to the streaming platform. In this approach, the Ad Incentive Program gives streamers a stable income while allowing content creators to earn a lot of money. Twitch claims that this new system was created to eliminate “guesswork when it comes to your monthly ad payouts” and to make the ad process easier for its content creators, allowing them to spend more time streaming.

Though the Ad Incentive Program will only be available to certain, invited content creators, Twitch expects that it will empower a large number of its content creators.

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