The Reaction After LazarBeam’s Icon Series Skin Release

TwitchBeat - March 3, 2021
The Reaction After LazarBeam’s Icon Series Skin Release

Popular fortnite streamer Ali Hassan aka SypherPK has slightly different feelings on the LazarBeam’s Icon Series skin releases. SypherPK is well known for his Educational Fortnite Gameplay and he has been well known for his high kill gameplays in Fortnite along with collaborations with other big Youtubers and twitch streamers.

He recently received his own locker bundle on Fortnite and even though he is a content creator, many have been saying that he deserves a Fortnite Icon Series skin too. The rest of the world have been congratulating Lannan Eacott aka LazarBeam on his new Fortnite Icon Series skin including SypherPK but it seems like he had an unexpected reaction towards it. Sypher posted on his twitter account stating; “Hey Lazarbeam congrats on the Fortnite Icon Series Skin! Excited to watch the reveal!” with a picture of a meme of a man wearing a smiley mask while the man was crying behind the mask. Sypher is also known for his humor in the Fortnite circuit as for his recent videos on his channel Sypher Shorts, he displayed his sense of humor.

While he did congratulate LazarBeam with a meme, in a later tweet, he went on to say that LazarBeam easily deserved the Fortnite Icon Series skin as he wrote; “All jokes aside, glad they’re continuing the Icon Series and LazarBeam is easily one of the most deserving of a skin.” The internet was of the opinion that SypherPK deserved an Icon Series skin as well and some on the internet also believe that SypherPK will be receiving a skin very soon.

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