RatedEpicz Permanently Banned From NoPixel

Amiel Rose Andres - April 5, 2023
RatedEpicz Permanently Banned From NoPixel

The news that famous streamer RatedEpicz, known for his entertaining and frequently hilarious antics on the NoPixel server, has been forever banned from the game’s multiplayer platform recently shook the virtual world of Grand Theft Auto 5’s role-playing community.

For those who are not familiar with NoPixel, it is a Grand Theft Auto Online online server that offers users a realistic and immersive role-playing experience. 

On the NoPixel server, a broad range of activities are available, including missions, heists, police chases, and both criminal and public service activities. These elements highlight the variety and exhilarating experiences that players can have. All players are expected to follow a set of rules and regulations, though, and failing to do so may result in suitable disciplinary action, such as temporary or permanent suspensions. The most recent player to experience the consequences of violating NoPixel’s community rules is RatedEpicz, who is well-known for his depiction of the notorious Randy Bullet and was a vital part of the well-known group known as the Chang Gang.

He was given a permanent ban from the server on April 2nd, and it appears that this restriction will last for some time. 

All NoPixel employees, including the site’s owner Koil, who has said that RatedEpicz’s return to the community is unlikely, came to this conclusion unanimously. Despite the seriousness of this penalty, no one knows what caused RatedEpicz to be permanently banned. Koil has made the decision to conceal any additional information regarding the circumstance, declaring that this is all the information that will be disclosed. Because of this, there has been a lot of speculation and interest among fans regarding RatedEpicz’s permanent ban from the NoPixel group. The lack of information from RatedEpicz himself has raised concerns for his safety as fans wonder what prompted his ban.

He has stayed silent despite requests from fans for clarification on the situation, making it unclear as to what exactly led to his ban. The NoPixel server typically only imposes permanent bans in response to egregious violations of the community guidelines, even though the specific cause of the ban is unclear. As an illustration, the server recently banned well-known streamer Viviana for using racist slurs. While RatedEpicz’s fans will surely miss his humorous and enjoyable contributions to the server, his absence serves as a reminder that all players must abide by the rules in order to maintain a strong and thriving role-playing community.

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