RatedEpicz Accused Of Harassment And Abuse

Amiel Rose Andres - January 29, 2023
RatedEpicz Accused Of Harassment And Abuse

On January 26, 2023, Megskii, a Twitch streamer, accused RatedEpicz of harassing and abusing her. She revealed that she had been in an abusive relationship in the past and accused the other person of abusing her emotionally.

She acknowledged that they both said toxic things to one another and eventually tweeted an apology, but she insisted that she still felt the need to come up. The Twitch affiliate wrote on Twitter that she had been dating RatedEpicz for two years and that she wasn’t the only one he had treated unfairly. She stated in another tweet that she spoke up even though it was upsetting because she didn’t want streamers to treat women like “garbage.” 

“I want to say his name to warn other women but it is terrifying going against a big streamer with lots of fans.” 

She didn’t specifically mention RatedEpicz in her first tweet about him. Megskii responded by tweeting that she wasn’t the only girl who had experienced harassment and emotional abuse from the NoPixel streamer. The streamer made note of the fact that the two grew close and cordial right away in her opening speech. She then disclosed her past as a victim of abuse: “Before him and I got super close, I was in a physically abusive relationship. I opened up to this person about the abusive person and he comforted me and spent time with me to get my mind off the abusive ex. When I finally left that ex, this person and I got extremely close.”

Megskii, though, said that things had drastically changed. She claimed on Twitter that RatedEpicz had seen her in a stream with friends, some of whom were guys. He allegedly threatened her in return: “He sent me a message saying something along the lines of ‘it would be a shame if people saw your pictures,’ aka hinting at showing people personal pics of me that I had sent him. Of course I got upset but he apologized over and over and I (stupidly) forgave him.”

Megskii emphasized some of the awful things he had said and called her, but she also brought up the fact that they both had exchanged some rather toxic words with one another. She allegedly kept screenshots of earlier talks throughout the two years of their relationship. Despite the fact that she wasn’t faultless, she claimed that RatedEpicz mistreated women. 

Along with verbally harassing her, he is also accused of disparaging his friend group and making homophobic and racial remarks about others: “He hid me from his stream and friends pretending like I did not exist. The only way he allowed me to be in his chat, was if I made a new twitch account with an entirely different name because he didn’t want anyone knowing we were together.” 

Megskii said that she had a lot more to say but that she had only intended to warn other women away from him.

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