Pokimane’s Take On Keeping The Drama Private

Amiel Rose Andres - July 3, 2022
Pokimane’s Take On Keeping The Drama Private

Imane “Pokimane” Anys has said it’s a good thing that Twitch streamers have a lot of drama going on behind the scenes because it’s easier to address things privately. She added that all stars should think about doing this if they get caught up in inter-streamer drama.

xQc’s remarks were initially minimized by Mizkif, who brought up the subject during Pokimane’s live on July 3. He claimed that the situation wasn’t as awful as xQc had suggested. Pokimane concurred, pointing out that interpersonal conflict and drama in close-knit communities are unavoidable regardless of whether the people involved are streamers or not because it’s a natural part of life for any friendship group.

Because of this, she believes that making a big deal out of it is unnecessary, and that keeping it a secret when it eventually does occur is a show of maturity. She pleaded with other Twitch stars to think carefully before promoting little drama on-stream, saying, “I fucking hate it when people are like, this place is secretly really fucking dramatic. Just because they don’t publicize drama, it doesn’t mean they’re fake. If anything, it’s a good thing to handle things privately.”

“That’s one hundred percent true. People don’t want to put their drama out there,” Mizkif added. Pokimane nodded her head in approval too: “It’s the way it should be.” Pokimane has been involved in drama with other broadcasters, the most of which have been made public over time. Disputes with Jidon “JiDion” Adams over statements he made on his own stream and problems with Federico “Fedmyster” Gaytan, who was charged with grooming other OTV stars while a member of the group, are two instances.

The first incident occurred live on stream and spread on social media, while the second resulted from her reaction to a supposedly leaked paper. Both incidents were out of her control.

She believes it’s best to keep quiet, though, when it comes to small issues like being left off of xQc’s list.

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