Pokimane Once Got Into a Girls Fight

Amiel Rose Andres - January 24, 2023
Pokimane Once Got Into a Girls Fight

Imane “Pokimane” Anys, one of Twitch’s top streamers, has over 9.3 million followers as of this writing. This “Twitch Queen” is renowned for her benevolent character.

She even admitted in a recent YouTube video that she is capable of praising or making an apology to an inanimate object. This does not imply that she always has a level head, though. In a Q&A video from a few months ago, the Twitch streamer shocked her viewers by disclosing that she had gotten into a fight.

Recently, conflict between creators and streamers has gained a lot of attention. The rising popularity of creator boxing, which puts two content creators against one another in a boxing ring, is one of the main causes. OfflineTV, Pokimane’s entertainment company, has already had success in the boxing ring with two of its members. The Moroccan-Canadian, however, seems to be the last person to start a fight in the room. 

The “Twitch Queen” responded to some of her fans’ inquiries on her YouTube channel while chowing down on hot cuisine. Many questions were asked, like how to be confident, who was following her, who sneaked into her direct messages, and others.

The question of whether Pokimane had ever engaged in combat was, however, the most intriguing. Everyone expected her to say no, but she revealed, “I haven’t gotten into like a full-out fight, but I did punch around once.” 

The incident took place in high school, according to Pokimane, and she was the one who started the fight. She said; “So in freshman year high school, I have this girl that I knew from elementary school. So we were sitting side by side in like science class and she was being so annoying and she kept like bothering me and poking me and hitting me and saying all this stuff. I turned to her and I was like stop it and she kept doing it,”

She finally lost her composure and hit the girl. The principal later called her in for striking the girl. Going to the principal, however, had a strange twist because Pokimane was on the student council. Everyone was shocked by the information that emerged. Even the questioner, her assistant, was shocked to find that Pokimane had struck someone.

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