Nmplol Finds Sliker Impersonator!

Amiel Rose Andres - September 27, 2022
Nmplol Finds Sliker Impersonator!

The discovery that one streamer, Sliker, had borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars from other creators and viewers to support a self-described gambling addiction was the beginning of a difficult week for some of Twitch’s top content creators.

The hoax prompted a variety of people to speak out, some of them even offered to assist individuals who had lost money in doing so. Although Nick Polom mainly avoided the controversy, he ran into trouble today while playing WoW Classic on stream. Polom was asked by followers to check his mail when he saw a letter from a player named “Notascamm” that caught his attention. The letter explained Notascamm’s financial difficulties and included a plea for Polom to wire him 2,000 gold, which the sender promised they would pay back in “2 weeks max.”

The letter reads; “I hate to do this and feel free to say no but the goblins have locked me out of my bank account. My brother, I really need your help. If you can’t I understand, just keep this lowkey my brother, I’ll get you back in 2 weeks max I just need like 2K my brother. It would save me, don’t feel like you have to, but you would be saving me.”

Polom was completely silent after reading the letter aloud to his audience before expressing that he thought the letter was “hilarious.” Polom was tempted to say more about the incident, but he restrained himself and said, “I can’t talk about it.” 

One True King (OTK), an esports organization with whom Polom co-owns, also contains other significant creators who assisted in handling the reporting of and coping with the fallout from Sliker’s dilemma. 

Polom didn’t specify the reason for his inability to speak about the subject, but given his standing inside the company, he might have been told not to for the time being.

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