Nickmercs Responds To FaZe Rain

Amiel Rose Andres - May 25, 2023
Nickmercs Responds To FaZe Rain

In a recent live, popular Call of Duty streamer Nicholas “Nickmercs” reacted to claims made by FaZe Rain that he has not given enough to the esports organization.

Since 2019, Nicholas has been a member of the FaZe Clan and is one of the most popular Warzone streamers on Twitch. The streamer was accused of not doing enough for the group by Rain, who has been at odds with his parent organization for some time, in a recent Instagram story, which caused quite a commotion in the community. 

Nickmercs addressed the accusations against him before returning to his regular stream. He began by expressing his admiration for FaZe Rain and other members of the organization that came before him. He had to address those who questioned his ethics, though: “I have to respect those who came before me and I have to respect all the work and the time that they put in into this organization and this Clan. And I’m gonna do that, I’m not gonna respond too crazy to him. I don’t really have a lot to say to the guy. But the one specific part that I’ll address, he kind of talked about my ethic and the work that I put in, the sh*t that bring to the table in FaZe clan.”

The broadcaster emphasized how hard he had fought to get his reputation and underlined how he has continued to be one of Twitch’s top Call of Duty creators: “I’ll say this, I’m so proud of us. I’m so proud of this community, I’m so proud of my team, I’m so proud of my f*cking damn self man, I work my f*cking *ss off. People can say what they want to say man, but I’ve been up on top of the game for f*cking years man…”

Then, Nickmercs rebutted the arguments made by FaZe Rain, elaborating on why his viewpoints were “cringe”: “Um, so for him to come at my ethic, you know, the work that I put in, I think it’s I think it’s a little foolish. I think it’s a little, a little bit cringe, you know? But at the same time, I can take a step back and kind of understand that he’s probably going through a lot…”

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