Myth’s Bizarre Keybinds

TwitchBeat - March 29, 2021
Myth’s Bizarre Keybinds

Twitch Streamer and TSM member Ali Kabbani AKA Myth shared a video last March 28th about his bizarre PC keybinds.

Myth is one of the top 10 top streamers on Twitch, he earned his spot from his time in the Fortnite scene and his recent success in Valorant. He is also one of the biggest personalities online with millions of followers.

He recently shared his bizarre playstyle on his Twitter account showing his custom keybinds on PC. While sharing a handful of inputs, many also noticed his unique setup.

Myth’s ability to the basic movement keys confused everyone online and many are also wondering how he came up with his unique keybinds.

He then explained and outlined how his pinky is often on the Capslock area and said that shift-walking is really essential in Valorant so that you can keep your footsteps silent. He said that since his pinky finger is always there, he decided to custom his shift-walking in his Capslock.

Myth also showed on his video that rather than tapping the Ctrl key to crouch, he opts for the shift key.

He also shared his directional movement keys showing him using ‘2QW3’ instead of ‘WASD’. Myth said that ‘4’ in his key is to reload rather than the standard ‘R’ key. He is also using function keys to swap weapons.

Many are wondering why he is using unconventional keybinds. He explained by saying that before, he used to play Fortnite and valorant like a normal person using WASD but he started realizing that hitting a certain key with his index finger hurts him and it causes a lot of pain for him that’s why he decided to move it up.

He said that doing the standard keybind makes his finger extend more and that causes it to ache. He explained more about the difference between his unique keybinds and the standard keybind and how inconvenient it is for him. He also said that after that, he decided to change it and that’s the time he discovered the ‘2QW3’ and said that it’s been his go-to and ‘home’ since then.

Using that kind of keybind works out well enough for him in Valorant and Fortnite. He is not encouraging anyone to change their keybinds because he said so, he just wants to share his technique with anyone with the same concern as to him.

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