Ludwig Calls On Twitch To Ban Gambling

Amiel Rose Andres - September 21, 2022
Ludwig Calls On Twitch To Ban Gambling

It was reported two days ago that popular Twitch content creator ItsSliker had, over the past two years, allegedly borrowed more than $200,000 from viewers and other streamers owing to a self-described gambling addiction.

YouTube streamer Ludwig has urged Twitch to permanently outlaw sponsored gambling streams in light of the growing controversy. 

Ludwig recounted the entire case involving Sliker to viewers in a YouTube video titled “The Biggest Scam in Twitch History,” and he also said that he too was a victim of the streamer’s scam about 10 months ago, losing just under $1,000. Ludwig made a statement on what he thought ought to happen in the wake of this significant controversy near the end of his video. 

Ludwig said; “What should come of it? Well, two things: one, [Sliker] should probably be banned by Twitch for scamming his viewers. Two, Twitch should get rid of fucking gambling. Get rid of sponsored gambling. I think it’s such an easy, easy solution. Get rid of sponsored gambling. Any time you ever catch someone doing sponsored gambling and skirting around it you perma-ban them forever.” 

Ludwig continues to hold the same position he did when xQc resumed gambling on stream four months ago: sponsored gambling is the issue. When a streamer isn’t using their own money to wager, the former Twitch star claims it’s “too easy” to do so. 

Ludwig promises to join fellow streamer xQc in reimbursing all individuals who lost money as part of his answer to the rising problem of gambling on Twitch.

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