Kai Cenat Subathon Milestone

Amiel Rose Andres - February 19, 2023
Kai Cenat Subathon Milestone

In his quest to surpass Ludwig’s all-time record of 283,066 active subscribers, Kai Cenat has accomplished a critical subscriber milestone just under halfway through his 30-day subathon.

According to Twitch Tracker, Cenat moved up to the fifth-most peak active subscribers of all time after surpassing Critical Role’s high of 139,559 in November 2021. Cenat is still just halfway to Ludwig’s record as he approaches the milestone of 140,000 subscribers. Nonetheless, he should be on track to contend for the title if he can continue his subathon for the remainder of the month. 

Cenat will probably overtake Casimito’s personal record of 159,487 subscribers in November of last year in the next days, moving up to fourth place. Between Cenat and Ludwig, Ironmouse (171,818 as of March 2022) and Ninja are the two other creators (269,154 from April 2018). Early on, however, Cenat’s stream wasn’t without controversy. Days before the month-long marathon, Kai was banned from Twitch, and since then, he’s already had a couple incidents that could have scuttled the stream before it ever started. Kai had a Discord video conference with a woman who he later discovered was banned from Twitch on the first full day of his subathon. To avoid being punished by the platform for aiding in a ban evasion effort, he swiftly ended the call.

Yet a few days later, he appeared to break the ban evasion regulations by chatting on the phone to the blacklisted streamer iShowSpeed while joking that he was speaking to a friend named “John” instead.

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