JiDion Reacts To Twitch Ban

Amiel Rose Andres - January 14, 2022
JiDion Reacts To Twitch Ban

JiDion, a Twitch streamer, has been receiving a lot of backlash on social media following a controversial event involving Pokimane, one of the internet platform’s most popular streamers.

JiDion has attempted to clarify the air and provide some information, as well as his side of the story, following his suspension from the streaming platform. Continue reading to find out what the streamer who was temporarily banned had to say.

JiDion was recently banned from Twitch for 14 days for his hate raid on Pokimane’s most recent live stream on January 12, 2022. JiDion was also held liable for his and his fans’ actions on Imane Anys’s stream, according to the platform. The harassment by JiDion’s fans was appalling, causing Pokimane and her fans a great deal of distress, as they were bombarded with sexist and abusive messages.  JiDion welcomes his punishment in the aforementioned tweet, stating that his acts were obviously against the Terms of Service (TOS). He didn’t have much of an option, though, because Twitch is highly cautious about how such occurrences are handled.

Despite suffering significant criticism from the streaming community, JiDion stated earlier today that he will “defend” himself. Many well-known streamers rushed to Twitter to express their feelings on the issue. And the scenario does not appear to be favorable to JiDion. 

Interestingly, while he does not claim what he did was wrong, he does remark it “has nothing to do with her gender but her as a person,” implying that his dislike for Pokimane comes solely from her personality. But there’s no way of knowing what JiDion’s future holds right now. 

JiDion has since stated that he does not intend to continue along the same path, stating, “I don’t like petty JiDion.” He has also stated that he will speak publicly once his ban is lifted. 

When asked about his actions and a Twitter apology, JiDion said, “I sometimes get carried away but I’ll be man enough to admit that I’ll make a full statement on my twitch once it’s back up.” He also told another Twitterati, “Speaking through text doesn’t have the same impact. I’m down to wait 2 weeks to talk this through.”

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