IShowSpeed Attacked By A Stranger

Amiel Rose Andres - June 4, 2023
IShowSpeed Attacked By A Stranger

At the FA Cup final at Wembley Stadium in London, a bystander punched streamer IShowSpeed.

A fellow spectator who was seated in the row in front of Speed hit him in the arm as the well-known content creator was watching the final between Manchester City and Manchester United. The entire attack, which sent Speed’s phone flying into several other onlookers, was captured on stream. When the fan smacks Speed’s arm in the video, Speed can be seen streaming the game. The streamer was taken by surprise by the attack and unprepared, but his security was ready and stopped the attacker in his tracks by pulling him away from Speed.

Several helpful bystanders handed Speed’s phone back to him as his security handled the situation. 

Speed said: “What? Bro, what did you just do? Why did he just f*cking punch me, bro? Why did he put his hands on me? I didn’t even touch him!” At the conclusion of the encounter, Speed’s security is seen speaking with the assailant while a number of other observers separate the two men.

The past few days have seen several attacks on streamers, including this one. For making racist remarks about the Japanese public transportation system, a Kick streamer in Japan has also been subjected to harassment.

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