Hasan Gives His Take on Twitch Hate Raids

TwitchBeat - August 22, 2021
Hasan Gives His Take on Twitch Hate Raids

Popular twitch streamer Hasan Piker also known online as HasanAbi speaks about Twitch dealing with the Twitch hate raids on a series of Twitter posts.

In the past recent days and weeks, many streamers on twitch have fallen victim to twitch hate raids where the streamers chat are being botted with hundreds of spam messages with racist and homophobic derogatory terms.

It can be hard to deal with hundreds of bots spamming at once, and despite Twitch having workarounds like follower-only and subscriber-only modes, it can be damaging to smaller streamers that are trying to grow. Small and big streamers on the platform are affected by it and this includes Twitch streamer Hasan Abi.

He posted a series of tweets stating that he has experienced these raids on an almost daily basis. He claimed that he is not going to stay quiet about the situation or Twitch’s lack of effort to stop what goes against TOS.

Hasan says that this is not something that anyone should deal with, let alone those smaller streamers who were trying to grow, so he claimed that he will be talking to Twitch regarding the issue. Here’s what he wrote; “I’ll definitely talk to twitch about this issue as well as it’s not something that anyone should deal with, let alone smaller streamers trying to grow. the suggestions above are temporary solutions.”

Hasan has taken a different approach to other streamers experiencing hate raids. Some creators including ‘RekItRaven‘ have banded together to start the #ADayOffTwitch boycott as a way to make their voices heard regarding Twitch’s initial response to the hate raids.

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