Hacker Accuser Tricked Into Accusing Himself of Cheating

TwitchBeat - October 1, 2021
Hacker Accuser Tricked Into Accusing Himself of Cheating

The Warzone community is overflowing with people dedicated to removing all hackers from the game. Now, after checking at his own gaming, one hacker accuser was tricked into accusing himself of cheating.

While cheaters roam the streets of Verdansk, some people spend their days trying to figure out which streamers are affiliated with this malicious group.

While user BadBoy Beaman was accusing Warzone player ZLaner of hacking, someone decided it would be a good idea to try to deceive another Warzone complainant who believes the streamer cheats. This person sent a clip to a watchdog that appeared to be in good shape, but the accuser went ahead and claimed it was more proof of ZLaner’s cheating. He had no idea that the ZLaner tape was actually a replay of his own game.

Headdband, one of Warzone’s watch dogs, spends his days analyzing numerous films of players to see if they’re hackers or not.

While the ZLaner hackusation controversy was unfolding, Headdband tweeted that he had enough proof of the streamer’s cheating. Corybeaver04, a Twitter user, wanted to join in the fun and shared Headdband this video illustrating how ZLaner’s aim latches onto people.

While the video appears to be in good shape, when zoomed in, the person says it appears to be fishy. Headdband agreed, but he had no idea that this was his own game. “What a d**ning clip, Great eye man. Not natural at all.” Headdband stated in a since-deleted tweet in response to the footage. He was accusing ZLaner of hacking, but he was actually calling himself out.

The audience was ecstatic, since a Warzone watchdog had just accused themselves of cheating. While Headdband later withdrew his initial response, in which he called the gameplay “sketchy,” he went on to defend himself.

When another viewer reacted to the video, claiming there was nothing sceptical about it, Headdband responded that he was plainly joking. He also stated that he was duped and that nothing should be taken seriously.

There’s no way of knowing if his remark was intended as a joke, but the community had a good laugh because they believe watch dogs are a waste of time and that gaming always appears strange when slowed down and zoomed in.

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