Genshin Impact Streamer to Giveaway a Free Tartaglia ‘Childe’

TwitchBeat - October 9, 2021
Genshin Impact Streamer to Giveaway a Free Tartaglia ‘Childe’

It’s not every day that a Genshin Impact streamer offers 1200 Tartaglia’s (Childe) to 1200 viewers. If he decides to pursue it further, it might cost him about 186K USD. That’s a lot more money than the average American earns in a year (for several years, actually). Because he lost a bet with Tartaglia, he was able to give away so much.

Most streamers would never risk that much money on such a small wager.

The Chinese streamer who placed this bet on Bilibili is known as Daxiangge. For those whose unfamiliar, Bilibili is a popular Chinese video-sharing website akin to YouTube

Many Redditors were taken aback by the fact that a streamer would honor such a hefty bet. The bet was straightforward: Daxiangge bet his viewers that Childe would not receive his third rerun banner in Genshin Impact 2.2. He stated that if he was wrong, he would give out 1200 Tartaglias. Childe was shown to have a rerun banner in Genshin Impact 2.2, as Genshin Impact fans might expect.

Daxiangge made this bet because he thought a third Childe rerun banner would be ridiculous given that he already had one. The 1,200 viewers who would receive a free copy of Tartaglia were subscribers, but that money wouldn’t be enough to cover all of the Childe copies. He informs his subscribers that they can opt out of receiving a free Tartaglia copy of Genshin Impact, but they should not compel other viewers to do so.

Daxiangge’s channel was subscribed to by more than 1,200 people. Following that, these viewers might choose between Kokomi, Tartaglia, or 500 CHY (77.6 USD). The streamer even mentions that he might have to take out a loan to make this promise come true In the end, he decided to honor the original bet because he thought he was responsible for the Childe rerun bet. He even delivered a motivational speech stating; “Finally, I want to say that although this incident was difficult for me to accept at the beginning, I think about it carefully compared to some people who have encountered natural and man-made disasters that have caused them to go bankrupt. At least I still have food and drink, at least I still have so many friends who support me and trust me! I want to say I am lucky! At the same time, thank you very much for the subs, gifts and superchats of all the viewers today. I am really touched! Through this incident, I want to tell everyone: no matter what difficulties you encounter, you must look forward no matter how unfortunate you are! Don’t compare yourself with people who have lived better than yourself, there will always be someone worse than you! Compared to them, you are the lucky person. What could be more fortunate than being born to be a human being?”

This entire incident would cost him almost 186K USD in the end. Nonetheless, he seemed to have handled everything in stride. Over 3.4K people have liked and commented on his Bilibili post.

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