Free Glitch Pet From Among Us

TwitchBeat - December 5, 2020
Free Glitch Pet From Among Us

You can now earn a free glitch pet from Among Us by watching Twitch Rivals. You can earn the free gift until December 18th.

Watching other people play has become more exciting since Twitch teamed up with Among Us, distributing free glitch pets when watching the Twitch Rivals Among Us Showdown. This is the first time in Among Us history that they have given out free pets to their users and viewers.

Pets are the ones who are following you while walking around the spaceship. It doesn’t affect your rating or your performance but it is still nice to see something following you while playing. These pets also cry for you when you get killed. You can see the pet beside your dead body crying and moping all throughout the game.

Here are some tips on how you can claim your free glitch pet.

First, you head over to Twitch and watch the Twitch Rivals x Among Us series. You need to continue watching for at least 30 minutes. After that you can earn your free glitch pet and claim it in the chat panel, or go to the Drops Inventory and find it there. The final step is for you to link your Among Us account with your Twitch Account.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to earn Glitch Pet. This free stuff from Twitch is only available from December 4th until December 18th.

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