Facebook Gaming Grows And Twitch is on The Rise

TwitchBeat - September 9, 2021
Facebook Gaming Grows And Twitch is on The Rise

According to the Rainmaker.gg, StreamElements’ analytics partner, Facebook gaming continues a strong period of growth dating back to April hitting a record high 567 million hours watched in August just one month after breaking the 500-million-hour mark in July.

Now, for the month of August, Facebook Gaming still continues to grow setting a new viewership record with over 600 million hours watched but Twitch is still on the rise. Twitch remains the streaming industry’s leading platform by a large margin, reaching over 1.9 billion hours watched again.

Twitch platform’s top ten category includes Just Chatting encroaching on the 250 million hours watched mark and is the most viewed category on the platform by more than 100 million hours while Grand Theft Auto V and League of Legends continue to fight for that second slot at 142 million and 133 million hours watched, respectively.

In terms of individual streamer performance, Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc reclaimed his Twitch viewership throne after Asmongold broke a seven-month streak, sitting at just under 20 million hours watched. Followed him was Auronplay, loud_coringa, NICKMERCS, and ibai who make up the remaining top five channels, pulling in between 10 and 15 million hours watched each.