ExtraEmily Got Taped To a Wall

Amiel Rose Andres - April 10, 2023
ExtraEmily Got Taped To a Wall

ExtraEmily, a rising Twitch star from OTK, has changed the way subathons are played by choosing to spend a full day taped to a wall.

Twitch subathons have shown to be a very effective way to increase the number of viewers, followers, and, obviously, subscribers on the site. This format has been adopted by many famous streamers, like Ludwig, to reach record-breaking subscriber figures. Even the Streamer of the Year Kai Cenat broke those marks with his most recent subathon. A streamer often goes live for a long time during a subathon, and the countdown timer becomes longer each time a viewer subscribes. As a result, these subathons can go on for a very long period; Ludwig’s initial idea lasted for a whole month until his stream came to an end. 

The formula hasn’t changed all that much since Ludwig’s first marathon, though. ExtraEmily, a recent challenger, enters the picture here. The OTK streamer has recently experienced tremendous growth in popularity, and they have just started their own subathon with a special twist. Depending on whether the streamer can handle it, ExtraEmily will be taped to a wall for up to 24 hours during her subathon. The streamer has a fresh perspective on the subathon and has given her audience more reasons to subscribe. For individuals who are willing to provide gifts and make donations throughout the event, they include having water balloons and eggs hurled straight at her.

Given the unfavorable effects of tying oneself to a wall on one’s health, many are unsure if ExtraEmily will be able to finish the subathon. Redditors have questioned Emily’s ability to eat, go to the bathroom, and even pump blood during the continuous show.

With just over an hour left on her timer, Emily is still working on her subs at the time of writing. However, as more people support her by making donations or subscribing to her channel, that figure is probably going to rise.

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