ExtraEmily Doesn’t Want The Money

Amiel Rose Andres - May 1, 2022
ExtraEmily Doesn’t Want The Money

The winner of Mizkif’s quiz game program ‘Schooled,’ Emily ‘ExtraEmily’ Zhang, has begged to exchange the $50,000 for an even better prize: meeting the streamer and visiting his home.

ExtraEmily was proclaimed the winner of Mizkif’s second season of ‘Schooled’ after original victor EEvisu admitted to faking his way through the final, causing outrage among viewers and streamers. Instead of accepting the reward money, Emily apparently wanted something else from Mizkif, with the streamer revealing her response on April 27th.

She said; “I called her right after EE apologized, well he didn’t apologize. I called her right after EE admitted he cheated,”

Mizkif recounted how he congratulated Emily on her win, only to hear her answer, “yeah, wow oh, no way he cheated that’s so sad. cut the crap you won the money.”

ExtraEmily, on the other hand, declined the money and instead requested to go to Mizkif’s place. “Oh, I don’t want the money. Instead, can I just come over?” 

Seeing the potentially savvy nature of this move, the OTK member and ‘Schooled’ host replied: “Oh, okay you want long term on this. You don’t want short term you want long term on this.” 

Mizkif made it obvious from on that it was either go big or go home, adding, “It’s one or the other here we don’t do both offers”. 

This lead ExtraEmily to finish their chat with “oh yeah no I’d rather come over, for sure! I wanna come over.” 

Emily seemed to be able to have her cake and eat it, at the end of the day.

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