Ethan Klein Offers Opinion About xQc And FaZe

Amiel Rose Andres - June 7, 2023
Ethan Klein Offers Opinion About xQc And FaZe

Twitch star xQc was labeled a “moron” by H3H3 podcast host Ethan Klein for criticizing FaZe Clan after they enlisted Stranger Things actress Grace Van Dien last month.

Grace Van Dien’s entrance into FaZe Clan last month generated quite a stir, especially among the organization’s senior members who play esports and like entertainment. The most prominent of these was FaZe Rain, who was forthright in expressing his dislike for FaZe’s recent business choices following its IPO on the stock market. Grace’s fate with FaZe is uncertain as a result of his turning the group’s ire on her and starting a viral rift between the two stars. 

The Twitch streamers Asmongold and Disguised Toast, who steadfastly stood up for Van Dien while she was receiving death threats as a result of the commotion surrounding her admission to FaZe, have also offered their opinions on the current situation. But not every streamer supported her. One of Twitch’s most popular commentators, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, specifically chastised FaZe for saying that they wanted “more women” in their ranks. 

During a live stream, he said; “People need to stop doing this ‘we need more women in esports. Bro, if people paid attention, there’s a bunch of deserving women that can get picked up, because they deserve it.”

Following xQc’s analysis of the FaZe scenario, Ethan Klein of the H3 Podcast called the streamer a “moron” for failing to maintain the same vigor when FaZe appointed well-known rapper Snoop Dogg to its board of directors back in 2022. “He’s such a f*cking idiot,” Klein said. “Where was your outrage when Snoop Dogg got signed to FaZe? Was Snoop Dogg a pro gamer? Oh no, he’s a f*ckin’ guy, so you don’t care. Here’s the truth: There’s like, zero women in FaZe. And diversity has proven time and time again that diversity of background, identity, [and] gender breeds creativity and propels ideas forward. If it’s just a bunch of 20-year-old, basement-dwelling misogynist freakazoids, then guess what? You’re gonna have a company that’s worth 10 cents on the stock market. You gotta have more than just dudes. Even if you think she’s not that cool, or even, God forbid, you think she’s just mid. I get it. ‘We don’t wanna see or work with women who aren’t ten outta tens.”

The FaZe ‘OG’ published his private Discord communications with the actress before to their viral video last month, which marked another significant development in the Rain vs. Grace conflict. xQc has yet to issue a public rebuttal to Klein’s most recent remarks.

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