Eternal Return: Black Survival

TwitchBeat - September 24, 2021
Eternal Return: Black Survival

The Pro-Am tournament will pit ERBS pros against a beginner in a charity match.

Despite the fact that Eternal Return: Black Survival is still in early access, it has launched a major charity tournament: the Lemon-Aid Benefit Series. The date has been selected for September 26. When the games begin at 4 p.m. PST, viewers can watch the action live on Twitch.

As it prepares for a formal release, the Battle-Royale MOBA hybrid is beginning to gain traction. The Lemon-Aid Benefit Series will put nine streamers and nine ERBS pros against each other for a $10,000 prize fund that will go to the best player’s favorite charity. Here’s a rundown of the format and who’ll be competing.

The Format

The format of the competition will be similar to that of a pro-am event in other sports. Nine teams of two will be formed from the nine streamers and nine pros. To be clear, one pro and one streamer will form a team to compete against the other eight teams in the lobby. The nine teams will play a fixed number of games, with points granted for overall placement and kills in each game. Finally, at the end of the series, the team with the most points will be proclaimed the Lemon-Aid Benefit Series champion.

The Pros

The names of the nine professional players have already been revealed. “Averse” and “Homecoming,” who represented North America at the first-ever ERBS World Championships earlier this year, are among the most well-known pro players competing. Here is a complete list of advantages.

Here is a full list of pros:

  • Gunner62
  • Averse
  • Scaz
  • TomSorcer
  • Mely
  • Sh2py
  • IHeartPieGaming
  • Homecoming
  • InPassant

The Streamers

Only a few of the steamers had been released at the time of publication, and the official ERBS Twitter is exposing more every day. Four of the nine personalities have been revealed so far. Surprisingly, none of the players thus far announced have showed an interest in ERBS. Travis Gafford, Ovilee May, and Clayton “CaptainFlowers” Raines are three of the four. It’s unclear whether any of them had ever played the game before. In addition, none of them has ever streamed the game on their Twitch feeds. Yoni, an esports content developer, is the final player to be disclosed at this time.Before the event begins on September 26, the remaining contestants will be disclosed. The current list of streams may be found here.

  • Captain Flowers
  • Ovilee May
  • Travis Gafford
  • Yoni

Observers can earn in-game currency just by observing the event, in addition to seeing these players in action. Fans will receive 1,000 A-Coins just for watching the action if their ERBS account is linked to their Twitch account. Once customers have accumulated an hour of watch time, the A-Coins will be put into their accounts. Furthermore, those coins can be used to buy new characters.