DrLupo Expose’

TwitchBeat - June 18, 2020
DrLupo Expose’

Benjamin Lupo, also known by his online name, DrLupo, is a professional Rogue player. He is a promoter of giving charity and he has held numerous charity stream events. He is also known for playing Fortnite but he has made a switch to Escape from Tarkov.

Before, when he just started his streaming career, he was an active player of Diablo 3. Regardless of being fully committed to his work, he also didn’t want to slow down his progression while being at work. He decided to live stream his home computer via Twitch to keep an eye on his grind from the office in 2013. After he played Diablo, he jumped over to another game Destiny. He streamed Destiny for several years until making the switch to a variety of other games, like Overwatch.

His wife, known as MrsDrLupo, also became a Twitch streamer. She encouraged Drlupo to become a full-time streamer during his 30th birthday celebration in 2017. He became one of the essential members of the streaming group consisting of TimTheTatman and Ninja, which played an important role for DrLupo to get his name out there.

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