Dr Disrespect Explains Why He prefers To Read Donations

TwitchBeat - February 13, 2021
Dr Disrespect Explains Why He prefers To Read Donations

There are different ways of communicating with your favorite streamer. One way is by dropping a comment into their chat, or by donating, or donation messages, but some of the streamers such as Dr disrespect, usually prioritize reading donations because they’re easier to spot rather than reading in chat. Dr disrespect recently explained why he prefers to read donations rather than chat during his stream. Dr disrespect has gained a massive following on youtube even after getting banned from twitch.

He caters to a large audience with every live stream. In his recent tweet, he wrote; “I’d rather read donations than chat.” This tweet sparked a controversy amidst factions of fans. Many people claimed that he was being ignorant towards a huge part of his audience which has helped him to rise in prominence. Because of this, Dr disrespect put things into perspective as he posted a clip of his stream where he compared a chat and a donation in the best way possible. In the clip while Dr disrespect was playing Call of Duty Warzone, a fan sent him a message on the live chat requesting him to play a game with him.

Dr disrespect stated; “I mean, this is why I don’t read chat.” Shortly after, another fan sent him a donation and it read; “You’re seriously the best streamer out there man! Keep up the great work, Doc! Love watching you”! It was obviously a motivational message and because of this, Dr disrespect stated while laughing; “See that’s why I like reading donations instead.”

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