Dafran Shows Power Of Lifeweaver

Amiel Rose Andres - May 3, 2023
Dafran Shows Power Of Lifeweaver

Daniel “Dafran” Francesca, a former Overwatch League professional and farmer, demonstrated just how incredibly lethal Lifeweaver is when used with specific heroes.

The introduction of Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2 was met with ambivalent reviews at initially, but thanks to a number of upgrades and updated default controls, the new support hero has gradually started to gain admiration. The Thai character has developed into a potentially viable option because to his ability to save colleagues from impending death when they’ve overextended themselves and drive allies to lethal high-ground positions. Dafran was moving up the Diamond tier during an unranked to GM Lifeweaver-only Twitch stream when he ended up in a match on Eichenwalde, where he found his inspiration. 

Dafran made good use of Lifeweaver’s Tree of Life on the payload for extra healing in the fight with 90 seconds left to complete the mission and win the game. 

The Danish streaming sensation utilized his Petal Platform to climb up to the chandeliers on the castle ceiling while the opposing team revived in a desperate bid to halt the attackers. When Dafran’s Soldier 76 ally activated his Tactical Visor ultimate, he immediately Lifegripped the chandelier and started firing down on their enemies. 

The original play had echoes of the famous chandelier Bastion from the OWL Season 2 Grand Finals a few years back. To top it all off, when Dafran’s squad was hit by a large Earthshatter from the opposing team’s Reinhardt, the support was able to Lifegrip one away and save the other by using a Petal Platform, leading to victory. “Dude, insane game. Lifeweaver f**king genius!” he clapped after ranking up to Diamond 2.

In the coming weeks and months, it will be highly entertaining to see all the various methods that players devise for Lifeweaver, but Dafran demonstrated that there is already a lot of promise with the game’s additional support.

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