Creator ExtraEmily Wins OTK Schooled

Amiel Rose Andres - May 3, 2022
Creator ExtraEmily Wins OTK Schooled

After admitting to cheating during Mizkif’s OTK Schooled game show, streamer ‘EEvisu’ apologized to viewers. As a result, he was declared the winner, and his fellow creator Emily ‘ExtraEmily’ was handed the crown. 

OTK’s Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?-style show ‘Schooled’ has been a particular favorite among Mizkif’s viewers since the team started the show in April 2021. 

In the series, a number of well-known streamers competed against one another to solve difficult general knowledge questions. However, the show has been plagued by multiple cheating scandals since then. 

After Smash caster EEvisu was proclaimed the winner of OTK Schooled Season 2 and walked away with $50,000, it was all too much for Mizkif on April 26. EEvisu has since apologized for the incident saying he “did succumb to a bit of temptation” and sent his best to the “real” winner ExtraEmily. Following his victory in Season 2 of OTK Schooled, EEvisu was accused of cheating by viewers when he was caught using his phone to look up the answer to the final question “who wrote the social contract?”

EEvisu announced in a video posted on Twitter that he had resolved everything with OTK and apologized for the problem. He stated that a friend noticed he was having trouble and provided him the answer, and he “succumbed to temptation.” 

The streamer said; “I did get the answer sent to me. I apologize. It was one of those things where you’re just like so close to the end you know you’ve done a pretty good job, you just succumb. I succumbed. I admit it. I’m sorry about that.”

Given how EEvisu and ExtraEmily were playing for such a large sum of money, EEvisu said he wanted to have a “clean conscience” regarding the situation. He also stated that he ‘understood’ why the drama caused such a response. Soon later, OTK announced ExtraEmily as the “real” Season 2 Schooled champion. 

The team also threw some further shade by quoting Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who was the answer to the question that EEvisu was caught cheating on, saying “The truth brings no man a fortune.”

This is certainly not a scandal that OTK will have to deal with again, especially since Mizkif said that Schooled will be canceled permanently following the drama.

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