BabblingBros Went Viral

Amiel Rose Andres - November 26, 2021
BabblingBros Went Viral

BabblingBros, a small Twitch streamer who was stopped by his sister falling down the stairs during his JustChatting stream yesterday, went viral. The fall can be seen in the stream’s background, though BabblingBros’ sister looks to be unharmed.

Any type of livestream has the potential to go wrong at some point. A Twitch stream, in particular, can be disrupted by anything. Seeing some form of interruption during a show seems to be part and parcel of the Twitch experience, from one of many irritating adverts to police knocking on TFue’s door. 

When BabblingBros’ Just Chatting stream was stopped by his sister collapsing down the stairs, this rule came into play. During the stream, BabblingBros can be seen in the foreground interacting with his followers and chatting away, but a keen eyed viewer can catch a glimpse of his sister falling down the stairs and collapsing with a thud in the background.

Following the accident, BabblingBros respectfully exits his stream for a moment to check on his sister, who can be heard on Twitch laughing about it and appearing unharmed. She came back on stream later to say she was fine. The post, which was originally shared on Reddit by user u/jeb17, has since received over a thousand upvotes and has gained traction on BabblingBros’ Twitch channel, where the clip has nearly 50,000 views.

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